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Welcome to Signature De-Zyner’s Furniture

Signature De-Zyner’s Furniture & Interior was established in 2005 and grown from a dream into a reality. We have provided interior design solutions to residential and small scale commercial projects. Our design philosophy stresses a bond between the disciplines of architecture and interior decoration. Our furniture is committed to excellent design and durability exceeding the expectations of the client.

For us, interior designing isn’t just about aesthetics or utilitarian but it’s about making the home, office and the spaces in which life is lived as pleasing to the senses as possible.
Signature De-Zyner’s symmetrical approach covers every inch of every piece of furniture which deserves the best attention of the Designer. The outcome gives rich environments sophisticated color palettes, refined materials, detailing the interiors to suit the clients’ desires.
Signature De-Zyner’s specializes in custom built furnishings. We believe that “CUSTOM BUILT” means you decide the wood, size, shape, style, color and look of your new furniture. We will deliver heirloom quality wood furniture you can’t find anywhere else.

The integrity and credibility we have built up in the last five years and our strong reputation for innovative designs remains very close to our hearts. We pride ourselves on creating unique designs. Each of our collection has its own very distinctive personality thereby allowing us to satisfy the needs of a wide spectrum of clients. Our constant research in designing offers a unique lifestyle conscious, better informed and more intellectually affluent costumer. We are now recognized as one of the market leaders in Karachi.

We value our Clients and ensure excellent customer services, continually strive to meet customer demands and exceed their expectations on what we promise.